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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Survival of the fittest

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Have you ever thought
how can I live to the fullest while becoming successful and making money all at the same time?"

Whatever it is that you are wondering, pondering, wishfully thinking.......
Maybe you just need a little push to get you started....

In life, almost every dream, successful career or simply making money takes time, some longer than others but if you continue without giving up, your hard work will show in the success and money you've gained.

Now, how to get to that point in your life?
Is by being persistent.
Many of your dreams might sound...

Out this world.

However by believing in yourself and the potential you have to fulfill these goals, you will without a doubt succeed.

Being negative is not going to help you get any closer to your life long goals.
Enjoy the time, effort and hard work that is bringing you closer to "your dreams".
Recognizing the potential you carry is a very important factor in success.

If you slip and fall

Immediately GET BACK UP!

Learning from those mistakes will not only make you stronger, however it will give you the experience and knowledge you need to continue on your journey to success!

Now, how to get a job?


I will share a few simple steps on how to land that perfect job.

(Scroll to the bottom to read these steps on "Landing the perfect Job".)

In fact, you might even find yourself starting an in home job. Many people have actually made thousands in a few weeks. Even starting your own business is a very successful way of living. This market is full of opportunities, but realizing how is the SECRET to success. Be creative with your dreams and set goals for yourself.
In this world you can become ANYTHING you want it just takes....
Being persistent

hanging out around positive people, friends, family, co-workers is essential. If a person is being negative around you and constantly whining & procrastinating, you either have to find some way to get them started on thinking positive or just simply stay away.

Negative people tend to bring you down, send out bad vibes and jealousy that is provoked from your utmost success, which could possibly lead to hypocrisy.
(which will bring you back to ZERO)

Now every person is different and react to these situations distinctly however,
We all have the same Opportunity to become Successful.


-Alexis Vargas Kubota



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To begin, you need to be prepared with a "KICK ASS" resume and cover letter.
Be sure to include all of your skills and potential.

Gather a number of places you would like to apply to and try and organize your day around these locations.

Always dress to impress!

When you are job hunting and filling out applications, leave an image. Ask for the manager and introduce yourself.
Ask him/her directly if they happen to be hiring. Usually if they will say "We are accepting applications", is them letting you know...
They aren't looking, but if you carry the potential to become part of their team, you will get hired.

*Be sure to have copies of your resume and cover letter handy*


First impressions last a life time.

Be professional, Stand out and Sell yourself.

Be sure to reassure them about your skills and qualifications.

Be CONFIDENT from beginning to end!

(That means introducing yourself with a powerful hand shake ;)

Give them a reason to look forward to contacting you for an interview!

Another way to get a job is,

Job searching ONLINE....

This method is a bit more complex due to the fact that the employer has not met you, however it is the same concept. Stand out by writing an amazing cover letter which can include...
-How the company can benefit from having you
-Your biggest qualifications
-And how YOU can help THEM by exceeding expectations

Have in mind a list of employers of which you wish to potentially work for. DO NOT RESEND your resume if they have not contaced you. Sometimes it just takes TIME. If you are potential for them, they will most likely discuss it over and contact you.

Online you will find many different sources on how to find employers that are seeking new employees.


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